Barnsley College Energy Centre

Think Low Carbon, Honeywell Site, Honeywell Lane, Barnsley

The Centre features a NATIVE BACnet Energy Management System, solar panels, a green roof covered in wild flowers, triple glazing, a wood-pellet powered biomass boiler and reflective sun pipes which allow natural daylight into dark rooms.

Rainwater is recycled and used for flushing toilets and watering greenery. An air source heat pump captures heat from outside and transfers it to an under-floor heating system. Windows automatically open to regulate temperature. Recycled denim (INNO-THERM ®), sheep’s wool and panels of locally sourced straw bale and hemp are used to insulate walls.

The building is interactive and as such Energy Usage, Building Temperature and Control Information are all displayed on our NATIVE BACnet Graphics Head End. Visitors can view the Building Information  via a large LCD display screen.