BACnet - “Building Automation and Control NETwork Protocol”

BACnet is an open data communications protocol and is firmly established as the standard means of communication between computers and devices, allowing the sharing of data regardless of the equipment manufacturer.

Using BACnet, different systems can operate in a coherent automation and control configuration.

BACnet is internationally recognised, achieving a European pre-standard (CEN) and an ISO standard (ISO 16484-5). It provides for full or partial integration of all building technical services including HVAC, electrical, fire, and security, as well as full interoperability of DDC products from different manufacturers operating in different buildings or building areas, including packaged equipment controllers, chillers, boilers, heat pumps, packaged air handling units and more.

OBS services are based on Integrated Facility Building Management Systems sculpted from 35 years of experience in the management of buildings, BACnet, and our understanding of the best products to operate and support systems individually designed and programmed by our highly trained technicians.