Roosecote one of the largest battery storage facilities in Europe

OBS & Delta Controls were the perfect solution for One of the the largest battery storage facilities in Europe. The 49MW Roosecote battery in Cumbria is able to come online in less than a second to meet fluctuations in demand. Its it able to hold enough power for around 50,000 homes. 

OBS supplied and commissioned a fully Integrated Delta BACnet Energy Facility Management System complete with enteliWEB Graphic Head End Software.

The system brought together seamlessly the Heating & Cooling System incorporating AHU's, Fan Coil Unit's, Pumps, Chiller & Dry Cooler Systems. 

The BACnet System reports Critical Plant Alarms and Temperature & Humidity Monitoring via IP to the clients remote ModBus SCADA System. The alarming and monitoring is extremely important due to the potential generated heat from the Batteries and Transformers.