New Charter Housing Trust Group - NATIVE BACnet BMS / Access Upgrade

New Charter Housing Trust Group is a social landlord with 19,500 homes. With a turnover of 100 million and a workforce of around 950 people.

The NCHT Headquaters four storey office building has a number of environmentally friendly features; fresh air is pumped in through the floor, Automated Windows, Rain Water Harvesting, AC Control, Underfloor Heating, CHP and Daylight Saving Lighting Control which are all integrated into the NATIVE BACnet BMS & Access Control System.

The internet based Graphics make the viewing of the BACnet BMS System fast, easy & reliable.

The Building Energy Management Access System has been fully upgrade to the State of The Art enteliBUS System.

"The enteliBUS controllers allowed us to pull the existing controllers out, leave the wiring in place and insert the new electronics in the same footprint - made it fast, easy and professional"