OBS & Delta Controls provides smarter solutions for patient safety

A smart building is able to report and even predict the breakage of equipment. Because the reporting process is ongoing, upkeep can be scheduled on a continual basis, smoothing out the operating costs of the facility and prolonging the operating life of large scale operating equipment. By using the data directly from the building system itself, individual systems can be assessed for upgrade or replacement based on operating efficiency. Previously, it was difficult to access and interpret building data, and very costly using physical meters to track energy performance. But as networks continue to advance, and more devices become capable of reporting information about their operation and efficiency, this data becomes more easily available and increasingly valuable – if you are able to act on that information.

Delta Controls recognised the importance of building analytics early and created a sister company, CopperTree Analytics, which specialises in gathering, analysing and providing insight into how to optimise building performance. CopperTree is designed to integrate with enteliWEB so users can not only see how their building is performing like never before, but they can make changes directly into the BAS to fix issues. Both products allow users to customise their own dashboards so they see exactly what is important for them to track and manage their environments. The result is a system that can be used by many more members of the building’s staff. Previously, BAS were just the domain of facilities managers and energy management specialists, but Delta combines dashboard capabilities with web access from smart devices to make day-to-day operations within healthcare facilities easier as well.


Added: Monday 14th September, 2015