OBS & Delta Controls looks to simplify costly building operating systems

Taking a proactive approach
For your building, single-seat operational control can mean the difference between your facility management being proactive and reactive. If facility staff can spot the tell-tale signs of an issue early through a simple, flexible interface, then resources can be allocated more effectively.

By using the same systems as the facilities staff to create cost projections and calculate ROI through actual building data, fiscal management of your building can be based on fact. Further than that, building management systems’ dashboards should link seamlessly into the building automation system so your facilities team can make real time changes to schedules and systems set points directly from the software.

“Separate energy measurement and building operating systems now just don’t make sense,” says Brian Goodchild, President of Delta Controls. “Your system needs to be flexible enough to track building performance and adjust the building systems”.

enteliWEB empowers your facilities team to identify issues and act quickly to control operating costs. You can make the building more controllable and report on the energy efficiency improvements you wanted in one intuitive interface. Make sure you are optimising and protecting the value of one of your largest assets: your building.


Added: Wednesday 26th March, 2014